The main competitive Tennis Season usually runs from September to April the next year,
but play continues at the Clevedon Tennis Club  all year round........
Only this season 2021-2022 Membership was affected by Covid
and will go from 4 November2021-end October 2022.

A court code for Court access anytime (paid Members will get code)
(the court is accessed by a pad-lock with a code and the Club Room is accessed by the same code on the door and ALSO on the ALARM PAD inside left wall in front of the Kitchen), if Players wish to access the Club Rooms. 
(Alarm pad must be turned on when you leave.)
• Participate in Club play (Click Here for further details on Club play session times - then click on desired tab.              * Participate in a number of social events spread across the Season.
• Option to play in an Interclub Competition (Click Here   for more details - then click on desired tab).

• Participate in the Annual Club Championships (Click Here for details - then click on desired tab).
• Access to a coin operated lighting system so you can use the floodlights when the Club Rooms are closed.
• Ball fees paid.

• Interclub fees paid.
• Enjoy the facilities and amenities Clevedon Tennis Club has to offer with our state of the art fantastic courts.
• Tennis Auckland affiliation.
Your fees also go towards funding the ongoing maintenance of the Club facilities.